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Black Pit Lake

We are very lucky to be nestled on the edge of a gorgeous lake that our guests will be able to swim in.


Swim sessions

Thurs to Sun

8am - 12pm to 3pm - 7pm

Bookings close 24hrs before the slot, if you cannot see you preferred time available please contact the spa on to make a booking.

If you wish to swim outside of these times please send your requested time and we will try our best to accomodate you.

The Lake has two ingress points as well as the option to jump in from the Jetty in the warmer months.

There is a waiver that must be signed before entering the water.

All swimmers enter the water at their own risk.

We ask that swimmers use tow floats and if swimming in the colder months we ask that all guests take the necessary safety precautions with hats, gloves, boots and to be aware of after drop in yourself and fellow swimmers. We advise warming up naturally after your swim with a hot drink and in the cafe.

At weekends we will have hot drinks available in the Spa reception.

The swim pass includes access to the Sauna.

There maybe occasions where we do not have a lifeguard on duty and ask that swimmers notify staff if they are swimming alone.

Individual swim passes and monthly swim passes are available to purchase if you wish to join us.

All spa users will have access to the lake with their 4hr session.


Monthly Membership

Get a monthly swim membership with exclusive discounts, free Birthday spa days and unlimited swims!

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